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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What dates will the August 2022 residency occur?

    August 22 – 26, 2022

  • When will students need to arrive and when activities conclude?

    Students will be able to check in to accommodations the evening before, August 21st, and can expect to conclude the residency in the afternoon on Friday, August 26th

  • What other travel preparations can we make at this time?

    Students can plan to fly in and out of the Bologna-Borgo Panigale “Guglielmo Marconi” Airport (BLQ)

  • Where will the August 2022 residency take place?

    SAIS Europe – Bologna Center (Via Beniamino Andreatta, 3, 40126 Bologna BO, Italy)

  • Where will students be staying?

    Aemilia Hotel
    Via Zaccherini Alvisi, 16 – Bologna
    Tel. +39 051 3940311

  • How will students prepare for the Capstone leading up to the first residency?

    There will be minimal preparation expected, as this will interfere with concurrent classes. They will be expected to complete Phase 1 of the Capstone -Pre Residency Preparation between June 1 and August 20. The Preference survey will have an approximate completion date by mid June (tbd). This first phase will also include the review of the instructional materials on the course site and some preliminary team organization.

  • What is the purpose of the first residency?

    The Residency will consist of daily workshops, on the spot tasks and meetings with guests from the risk industry. The purpose of the residency is to meet people from the risk industry, develop and exercise analytical skills, organize to deliver analysis under time pressure, adapt to different tasks required by working in the risk industry, work in teams and many more.

  • How will Capstone projects be selected?

    Students will submit a residency survey in June to share preferences, and groups will be selected based on this survey.

  • How many students per group?

    In 2022, the students will be in groups of 4.

  • What is the dress code for the residency?

    Business casual

  • What COVID restrictions or precautions should I be aware of during my trip to Bologna?

    Please keep in mind that the SAIS Europe campus adheres to the current COVID regulations set forth by the Italian government at the time. You can find current regulations published by the US Embassy in Italy here: COVID-19 Information – U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Italy (

  • How will students continue to work on the Capstone after the residency?

    During the rest of the Capstone program they will work in teams and as individuals to systematically update a risk monitoring report and report back to the Capstone instructors.

  • What if I cannot make the residency?

    Please make every effort to attend, as required attendance is part of the program. However, if circumstances do not allow you to attend, please contact Lindsay Ryan at as soon as you know it may become a possibility.

  • Do we need to contact the loan processor?

    You do not. They will reach out to you directly

  • What are Bank Mobile emails?

    Bank Mobile is our third-party servicer that processes our refunds electronically. If you receive a refund, you can set up a refund preference to receive deposits directly to your bank account. This is faster than sending a refund check to your address via mail. If you are not receiving a refund, you can ignore the Bank Mobile emails because they do not apply to you.

  • If we still have a balance over the FAFSA loan can we pay with a credit card?

    No. You can pay with an e-check or wire your payments. Additionally, you can refer to the link below to get detailed information on all the various ways to pay your balance.

  • Can we get a PLUS loan for our outstanding balance?

    Yes. Grad plus can be used to cover tuition and fees or other indirect expenses.

  • Is the School of Advanced International Studies participating in the Yellow Ribbon Program?

    Yes. For more information, please visit or call +1 (877) 419-5131.