TurnItIn Student Guide

Step 1: Upload Assignment

Click on one submission option:

  • File Upload: Select “Upload File” or “Use Webcam” for video submission
  • Text Entry: Copy and paste submission in text box
  • Microsoft OneDrive: Sign in to OneDrive and select the file to upload

The submission page with the different submission options highlighted.

Step 2: Submit Assignment

  • Agree to End User Agreement
  • Select “Submit Assignment”

The submission section of the page where user agrees to terms and submits assignment.

Step 3: Select Submission Details

The submission section where users can see when the assignment was submitted and view the Submission Details and Download their submission.

Step 4: Review Similarity Score

  • The Similarity Score will be displayed next to the document name in the Submission Details page.
  • The example below shows a 16% score, which means that 16% of the document matches other sources. This is an acceptable score. 

The part of the Submission details page where students can see the similarity score.

See TurnItIn scale below:

The Similarity Score scale which shows Blue has no matching text. Green has 1 word to 24% matching text. Yellow has 25-49% matching text. Orange has 50-74% matching text. Red has 75-100% matching text.

Step 5: Review Match Overview

Click on the Similarity Score to view the match overview. This will show a breakdown of the different sources where matches were found. The parts of the paper that match other sources will be highlighted by color to show the source of the match.

The Match Overview which shows the different sources where matches in the submission were found.

If multiple attempts are allowed by the instructor, you will be able to make changes to your document and then re-submit the assignment by selecting “Re-submit Assignment” on the Submission Details page.