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The Online and Distance Learning (ODL) Office at Johns Hopkins SAIS partners with faculty to create engaging, innovative, and highly effective educational experiences for working professionals. When you work with our instructional and technology teams, we serve as enthusiastic co-creators to lead you through the steps required to design, develop, build, and implement first-class online programs.

ODL’s use of evidence-based methodologies in online learning--to build programs that improve the way faculty teach and students learn--means partnering with our team can open the borders of your professional world and bring highly qualified students from all over the globe directly to your department’s virtual doorstep. Our online programs allow you to extend your reach into all corners of the world, removing physical barriers with technology, and making a JHU education accessible to high-quality students, including students who may not have been served by our traditional educational structure and offerings.

As co-creators with you, our time is spent working to highlight the special characteristics of your program to make sure those aspects stand out--with specialized educational opportunities such as residencies, hybrid workshops, and year-round program schedules built to move students through the courses and on to graduation, together.

If you have a program that you’d like to introduce to a global audience, please use the Contact form to connect with us. We would love to explore the options available with you.