TurnItIn Faculty Guide

TurnItIn Settings in Canvas

The Plagiarism Review section in the assignment details.
  • Available in “Edit” mode of an assignment.
  • Indicate preferences by clicking the checkbox.
  • Indicate the timeframe where students can see the report.
    • *Note: If students are allowed to resubmit assignment after reviewing similarity report, the number of attempts must be more than 1.
  • Turnitin matches each submission against an extensive database including:
    • Web pages
    • Repository of previous student submissions
    • Scholarly articles including journals, publications and periodicals
  • Additional Resource: Using TurnItIn with Canvas

How to Access the Similarity Report 

  1. Select Speedgrader in either the Canvas Gradebook (A) or from the assignment(B)A grading column with the menu open where instructors can access the SpeedGraderThe assignment page, highlighting where instructors can access the SpeedGrader
  2. Click on the Similarity Score to see a detailed reportThe SpeedGrader Submission details with the Similarity Score highlighted

Interpreting the Similarity Report

The report consists of five different levels that range from 0% to 100%

The Similarity Score scale which shows Blue has no matching text. Green has 1 word to 24% matching text. Yellow has 25-49% matching text. Orange has 50-74% matching text. Red has 75-100% matching text.

Sample Report

A sample report which shows the key. This includes flagged content, similarity score and primary source location, all sources that match submitted content, filters and setting, and included sources.